Why is NU’EST’s Ren Doing the Gender Bender

On March 15th, Pledis Entertainments male rookie quintet, NUEST, plans to be the newest and hottest guilty pleasure to spring up on the K-pop scene yet. As the date nears closer and closer, the usual has been in effect to anticipate the groups debut: profiles, concept photos, and of course, teasers for nearly every member. And Ive got to be honest with you; normally Im not a fan of rookies. Heck, Im not normally a fan of Pledis. Ever.

Why is NUESTs Ren Doing the Gender Bender?

But, from JR to Aron to Baekho (and damn, is Baekho fine), even Minhyun, I have got to admit, Pledis did these boys right. NUESTs first official teaser for their debut single Face dropped a few days ago, and sure, the song sounds lame already, but the visual is impressive. The boys are pretty good looking, and the concept looks clean, edgy and safe for a rookie group yet to debut. In fact, when Baekhos teaser was released, I was infatuated with the dark masculinity, dubstep fusion, the samurai style, and Baekhos face. I thought to myself, huh, boy groups are really stepping their game up this year.

Then Pledis throws their wild card.

This little blonde gem is Ren. Pledis golden boy, Ren. Oh Ren, where to begin?

The first thought that struck me was why? Why a small, pouty-lipped, effeminate member? What purpose does he serve? As these questions rolled around in the back of my head the past couple, I couldnt help but be reminded of f(x)s Amber. And then it hit me.

Why is NUESTs Ren Doing the Gender Bender? Amber is K-pops lovable tomboy. She is the image of the female K-pop idol turned on its head: shes got a short, boyish haircut, she wears long shorts and jeans and varsity jackets, her aegyo is practically nonexistent and shes got a spunky attitude to boot. But the greatest irony of it all is that so many people know f(x) because of Amber. Not because of the bubblegum princess Sulli or Jessicas darling sister Krystal or the lovely and limber Victoria or even moon-faced Luna.

Though maybe a bit unconventional, Amber is the attention grabber, she is the visual, she is what makes you look at f(x) that extra second longer and wonder, wait, was that a..

Perhaps NUEST and Ren are going for the same idea: play up the unconventional stereotype to demand attention. Entertainment companies are always trying to unearth ways to make their groups seem like the best new Asian phenomenon to hit the East or something along those lines. Just think about how rookies this year are trying to keep you focused on them: EXO has 20+ video teasers so far, and they havent even debuted, but are you bored yet?  The ever delicious boys of B.A.P. all dance under the bright lights with their blinding platinum blonde hair, but have you looked away yet?

If Ren plays the part of a womanly man for this hot debut, isnt he going to be the most talked about thing? Wont his gender-bending concept for Face make people start talking about him and NUEST?  Ill admit, its a genius marketing gimmickwhile people stop and stare, somewhere in the back of their minds, the hook and chorus will linger long after, and NUESTs logo will be burned behind their eyes. You are going to remember NUEST not because the members are handsome or because Baekho looks mad fine swinging that sword, but because Ren has shafted the conventional male-idol image and gone much farther than the pretty boy charm.

Why is NUESTs Ren Doing the Gender Bender?

And while I say more power to him, (Ren looks prettier than I do even on my good days, so hes doing something right) I cant help but wonder if this tactic will produce the full effect Pledis is looking for. Sure, hes going to pull all the attention front and center for NUEST, at least during their debut promotions, but how are fans and music lovers alike receiving this image?

Why is NUESTs Ren Doing the Gender Bender? In Ambers scenario, she doesnt purposefully impose the boy image; in other words, its not an image she has to force for us to see, its an image we perceive as a result of her consistent style. Plainly put, you dont see Amber flaunting boyish behavior or exuding male charm in anything she or f(x) does with anything other than her fashion sense.

But in Ren’s case, he’s shown in his teaser embracing feminine qualities like vanity, adorned with a gem-encrusted manicure and long blonde hair. He even plays the role of temptress in some scenes when he pulls the open mouth, look imma goddess face. Suddenly the degree of his atypical image seems a little much, as his concept practically forces the idea of him playing the part of a woman. Uncomfortable yet?

Still, its hard to gauge they ways in which K-pop fans will receive Ren and NUEST. Will fans turn away with their noses held high or will they flock to Rens feet  because of his gorgeous looks? I dont know, and part of me doesnt want to know. Why and for how long Pledis will keep Ren gender-bending are also questions I still cant wrap my head around. But for the most part, NUEST is turning heads and gaining momentum. Will Ren always look like a woman, will NUEST live up the hype, will I still be in toBaekho later or will I be defaulting back to my eternal bias Jun.k? Come March 15, I guess well find out.