Nine Muses reveal album jacket for

Nine Muses reveal album jacket for "Sweet Rendezvous"

After wrapping up their promotions for "News", the ladies of Nine Muses decided to keep on track and gearing up for a new single. On March 5th, Nine Muses released the album jacket image for their upcoming mini album, "Sweet Rendezvous".

In the photo, Nine Muses members are waiting in front of a train station. Each member is holding up her own unique pose and expression through a toned down, vintage look concept. The jacket image comes as a surprise with its completely different theme from the 'sexy ticket girl' teaser of Erin.

Star Empire stated, "We took great pains when trying to materialize the concept 'ticket'. We tried different approaches because we were curious as to what would happen if we mixed the various feels of 'ticket' with the Nine Muses colors. We will continue to showcase the various appeals of Nine Muses through the theme 'ticket'".