miss A’s “Touch” costumes capture the public’s attention

miss A’s “Touch” costumes capture the public’s attention

miss As Touch costumes capture the publics attention

Girl group miss A recently captured the publics attention with the bandages.

miss A appeared in the March 4 episode of KBSs Gag Concert and showed off their sense of humor.

The group members appeared on the stage in the bandage costumes and masks. They were introduced as the best assassins from the Qing Dynasty. The members showed off their perfect figures and received an explosive response.

When Kim Ji Ho, who plays the role of a barbarian, cut himself with a knife, miss A members removed their bandages and put them over his scar. Then Kim made people laugh by saying, Cut me more.

Min, however, slapped him in the cheek saying, What are you doing? Kim said, I just said what was written in my script. Why are you wearing bandages?

miss A also performed their new song Touch and broke into a loud applause.

Source: TV Report