BEAST’s Dongwoon To look On “Radio Star” As A unique MC

BEAST’s Dongwoon To look On “Radio Star” As A unique MC

BEASTs Dongwoon To seem On Radio Celebrity every bitA distinct MCkminjungee September 6, 2016 0 BEASTs Dongwoon To Appear On Radio Star As A Special MC BEASTs Dongwoon could beappearing off his emcee talents on Radio Star!

Following news of Yook Sungjae performing as a special MC, a source published to news outlet Sports Selected on September 6 that Son Dongwoon stands out as the3rd special MC for Radio Star.'

He will be recording on September 7 instead ofGreat Juniors Kyuhyun, who is lately taking a damage from his activities because of vocal cord nodules. The true episode will air a week later on September 14.

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun will be returning to his normal MC function this month, and plans to take part in the September 21 recording.

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