5 Best Moments from JRE of JREKML

5 Best Moments from JRE of JREKML

5 Best Moments from JRE of JREKMLbenightedxflame August 12, 2016 0 5 Top Moments from JRE of JREKML We listen from idols over and over that they google themselves. That they watch reaction videos. That they read their YouTube comments. And, one YouTuber is case in point that here is all true.

Meet J.R.E of JREKML. He’s a fanboy (a giant one) and has been doing reaction videos for a really long time. He also branched out into song covers, vlogs, and MC-ing concerts. Oh, and K-pop idols know him.

Check out his love from Ailee:

Yesssss jre!! Catch u back soon?! https://t.co/pfX2Oe9Fqc

— Ailee (@itzailee) July 12, 2016

That’s right, the queen herself knows who he's and what he’s all about. So, why does each person know JRE? We made up our mindsto placein combinationfive of his best possible moments simply so nosotros are all at the same page.

Fanboying Taeyang of huge Bang whilst Taeyang of BigBang fanboys him

Youtube! YouTube!” Feat. Bang Yonggguk

Admitting the challengingfact that he’s just K-pop Trash.

His “body roll” scale. From Low-Key to Aggressive.

Every unmarried JRE Vine, because they are me.

So, have we convinced you to test him out? Your entire faves are already staring at him, why wouldn’t you?

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