Choyoung Asks What is Your Color in New Song Video!

Choyoung Asks What is Your Color in New Song Video!

Upcoming jazz artistChoyoungreleased her new unmarried album'What is Your Color?'as neatly equally the tune video for the identify track on August 3.

This neo-soul song is soothing and simple to pay attention to.Choyounghas a voice this iscandy and captivating. She does now not belt as though she is making an attempt to end up something. She uses her voice and graceto inform a story. In 'What is Your Color?',Choyoungis for sure telling a story, and the video is helping alongside her endeavor.

Advertisement At the surface, the song and video appear ambiguous. However, after looking at the video several times, I got here to the belief thatChoyoung's query about color is a query about identity.

In the video, we seeChoyoungwalking around an desertedbelongingsthat's littered with debris. I accept as true with the debris represents how the influences of the arena give the axe tarnish anything that was oncestunningto start with. In this case, an individual who is dependent upon the superficial validation from others can lose themselves and overlook their true, pretty identity.

Notice the 3D glasses scattered around a tv and the loss ofcenter of attentionall through the video:

This imagery conveys the tragic truth of the effect media has on people. Perfection is something that is most unlikely to grasp, yetit's far something that is longed for. The glasses on the floorconstitutethose who refuse to watch themselves obviously and as a substitutedepend upon the media to tell them what they will have to be.

PerhapsChoyoungstruggled with searching for her 'color' in existence and has fought with the need to comply with what the realm says she "should" be. The video has a gloomy undertone, but fortunatelythe talewould notfinish here.

Choyoungceases to wonder around aimlessly when she found out an old piano.

She is intrigued through the piano as if it had selected her for a purpose.

In the end,Choyoungrealizes her color, which is that of a musician. Sometimes, we want to sift in the process the debris of the global to notice our color. Just know that you don't seem to be alone, for other peopleof each age and from all backgrounds are still looking toin finding their color!

This is only my interpretation of her song. I'm curious to understand your interpretation of the song and video! Tell me in the comments below!

For moreChoyoung, make certain you listen to the remainder of her new single album which features'Something Different'and'Missya'.

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