When Disco Meets KCON: An Interview With Sultan of the Disco EXCLUSIVE

When Disco Meets KCON: An Interview With Sultan of the Disco EXCLUSIVE

(Photo : Leah Westbrook)Tens of thousands of enthusiastscollect in Los Angeles this beyond weekend to revel in3 days of panels, workshops, concerts and more at the world's greatest Korean fan convention, KCON 2016 U.s.a. presented through Toyota.

Ready to enjoy a weekend filled with "all things Hallyu," fans were the restyet disappointed as the conference promised to be largerand higher than ever. So that you canreside up to that promise, KCON invited several K-indie bands to be a a section of the weekend's festivities. Showcasing a massive range styles in the Korean indie genre, those bands perfectly demonstrated just how various the Korean tune industry truly is.

AdvertisementOne such band, a disco/funk band aptly named, Sultan of the Disco, used to be gracious sufficient to take day outin their busy time tableto speak alongside us for a moment. Sitting down with the band's frontman, Nahzam Sue, we mentioned the band's music, their inspiration and their time at KCON 2016.

KPZ:You've been in combination for 10 years and feature made slightly a call for yourself as a disco/funk band. What encouraged you lot to make the kind ofunfashionable sound your own?

Nahzam Sue:Many years ago, my father's friend gave me some difficult discs which become used at a guest center. That hard disc contained music from 1950-1990, it was about one hundred songs per year... about 5000 songs I listened to so naturally, I have become a disco fan. It was just very herbal for me. Especially 70s disco funk and soul, like Phoenix Sublime and Sister Sledge, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire... they are my favourite songs, my favorite musicians. I chose the disco genre to cause them to popular in Korea. I sought after to make disco popular in Korea.

KPZ:You've acknowledged that you attemptto mix "musical seriousness with entertainment." What does this mean, to mix the two?

Nahzam Sue:I integrate funny things with the serious musical taste of the generation because music listeners in Korea do not care about the music vogue then nosotros had to bring some funny things into our functionality to draw in listeners.

KPZ:You've been invited to accomplish at some lovelyprimary music fairsfar and wide the world. Do you've gota favouriteexpertise or memorable moment you wouldlove to share?

Nahzam Sue:Yes! Glastonbury! Yes, that was actually great! The maximum productive ever!

KPZ: You had a excellentreaction there from the audience?

Nahzam Sue:Yes! The target audience all danced along. I never imagined that.

KPZ:You've carried out here in Los angeles before, at the Culture Collide festival ultimate year but here's your first appearance at KCON.

Nahzam Sue:Yes, this is the hotproblem because we never played in front of K-Pop fans before.

KPZ:Do you are expecting there response to be different?

Nahzam Sue:Yes, very different.

KPZ:Do you observed this appearance will open doors for more indie bands in the future?

KPZ:What are you most taking a lookahead to right through your time in LA? Are you playing your time here?

Nahzam Sue:I'm really enjoying my time here. The elementsis truly nice. In Korea it is too humid so I find it irresistible here. The ambience is really great.

KPZ:Is there anything you'd like to mentionon your new fans here at KCON?

Nahzam Sue:Just pay attention to our new music, ensure you see our new performance. You're going to like it!

True to their word, Sultan of the Disco wowed their KCON audience with a performance that was as memorable as it was fun. Once you onlycannotimage what Korean disco sounds like, make sureto have a look at Sultan of the Disco's "탱탱볼" MV below!

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