6 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Multifandom

6 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Multifandom

6 Things No person Tells You About Being Multifandommayme22 August 11, 2016 0 6 Things No One Tells You About Being Multifandom With heaps of K-pop teams debuting yearly at (alarming) rates, its no wonder folks cant select a favorite!  But as each and every multifandomer knows, there are things that no one tells you about stanning more than one group.  Heres our list of 6 things individualsbe told when they develop into multifandom.

1. How hardit's miles when your favourite groups are pitted opposed toone anotherIn dance battles.

Especially when they either slay.

VIXXs first win!! Yet Hyorin may be a QUEEN!! I CANT HandleThose CONFLICTING Feelings OF HAPPINESS AND SADNESS. 

Four words: Idol. Star. Athletics. Championships.

In between squealing over the lovely interactions between my favorite groups, I used to be crying each time they had to head against each one other.


2. Its frowned upon in Korea kpop-reaction-gifs

I know what youre thinking: But theres Such so much ofjust right groups! How do you select and persist with one? 

Well, most people still revel in the trackof alternative groups (of course!), but in terms of voting, streaming, and buying, its best for that one group. Up toworldenthusiasts are MooMoos, Starlights, and VIPs all at once, fans in Korea are onlyunswerving to one team and one community only. In fact, here is a source of arguments between Korean fans and overseas fans.  But its comprehensible too: As international fans, we dont typically see the struggles of what it takes for a set to make it. The marketplace in Korea is lots smaller than we international fans realize. Sooner than these groups are giantadequate to be known internationally, the domestic fans are in point of fact the ones who keep these idol groups going.

3. The volume of inside of jokesand keeping them all straight.

*deep breath* You were given this.

Was it Leo with the 3buck chains? Suga with the Lesinset? Yoseob with the Kkaebsong?

4. What to do right through fanwarsThere are just3 options at this point.

Terrifying as that can sound.

Though eventually, youll be accused of gambling favorites, and people may activate you.

Because no oneneeds to listen

If all else fails, aegyeo your way through.

But peacekeeping can get tiresome, and itll only movethus fartillanyone accuses you of being biased

Thats right.  Fly yourself outta there!

And my favorite option: now not touching it with a 10 foot pole.

And just stay doing your thing.

5. How to make a decision who gets to be on your phone background, your Twitter avi, your Tumblr theme, your pc backgroundmisstorytory:“ same. ” gillieprincess

Not. Enough. Backgrounds. Too. Many. Choices.

What occurswhilst you run out of monitors to change? D:

6. You will be broke bangtanjm


That group carried out promotions? GOOD! Here are the following cuties coming your way.

But, at the finish of the day, its all value ITto look your bias smile.

Are there other things that you learned as a multifandomer that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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