Truedy Releases Fierce Marvel  Music “All Kill”

Truedy Releases Fierce Marvel Music “All Kill”

Truedy Releases Fierce MarvelSong All Killboxclub August 11, 2016 0 Truedy Releases Fierce Surprise Track All Kill Rapper Truedy has stunned us with a new hot track!

On August 11, Truedy released All Kill, a song released in collaboration with a sports brand. The song includes arobust hip hop beat and a swag befitting of the winner of Mnets all-female rap survival program Unpretty Rapstar 2.

Truedy participated in writing the lyrics for the song and the song showcases her truthfulfeelings and stories. After relentless requests from her enthusiasts to drop a new track, Truedy surprised all and sundry alongside this song and it's farcertain to excite her fans as they look ahead to her new album, which is reported to be released later this year.

Listen to the fierce track below!

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