Kang Minkyung says she wouldn’t date Huh Gak

Kang Minkyung says she wouldn’t date Huh Gak

Interviews, RadioKang Minkyung says she wouldnt date Huh Gak

Davichi member Kang Minkyung made her feelings clear about singer Huh Gak.

Kang Minkyung appeared as a guest on KBS Radio Cool FM, Hong Jing Kyungs 2PM on the 29th. DJ Hong Jin Kyung asked Kang Minkyung about possible romance with Huh Gak and Kang Minkyung flat-out said, I dont want to, with zero hesitation.

However, it seemed as though she realized she may have been too firm on her answer and added, You know what though, Huh Gak is a very charming guy, and she helped lighten up the mood.

On the show, Kang Minkyung also confessed that she had been asked out by several male entertainers in the past.

Source: TV Daily via Nate