YG’s Yang Hyun Suk In my opinion Manages Lee Jong Suk

YG’s Yang Hyun Suk In my opinion Manages Lee Jong Suk

YGs Yang Hyun Suk For my part Manages Lee Jong Suk?jun2yng August 11, 2016 0 YGs Yang Hyun Suk Personally Manages Lee Jong Suk? Fresh reports have published that YGs Yang Hyun Suk personally manages Lee Jong Suk.

Various industry assets take revealed that whilst YG Entertainment has signed various prime profile actors comparable to Kang Dong Won and Lee Jong Suk, they’re missing the team of workers to exclusively care for actors.

“In the case of Lee Jong Suk,” acknowledged the sources, “he personally prepares his filming outfits for ‘W’ and is the kind to in realitylisten to detail with accessories.” However, Sports Global reports, because ofloss of staff, he has had to lodge to transient measures.

Lee Jong Suk is well known in the industry as being incredibly thorough, so when a YG manager and hands-on body of workers left the company, Yang Hyun Suk stepped up to fill the void. Rumor is that Yang Hyun Suk takes excessive care of Lee Jong Suk, guaranteeing he at all times is in top condition.

Lee Jong Suk signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment in May, and is recently starring in MBC’s “W,” the maximum recent in a string of hit dramas by way of Lee Jong Suk.

Watch the primary episode of W here:

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