“Doctors” Sparks Massive  Status For Park Shin Hye And Her Jewelry

“Doctors” Sparks Massive Status For Park Shin Hye And Her Jewelry

Doctors Sparks MassiveFame For Park Shin Hye And Her Jewellery jun2yng August 10, 2016 0 Doctors Sparks Vast Popularity For Park Shin Hye And Her Jewelry With the ongoingapproval for “Doctors,” which has now surpassed 20 % viewership, Park Shin Hye’s privateemblem and popularity has risen significantly.

Park Shin Hye, who has over 11 million fans on Weibo, lately hit no. 1 on Weibo seek rankings. “Doctors,” as well, made the list at no. 10, proving the actress’s and the K-drama’s popularity abroad.

Along with her own popularity, the entirety Park Shin Hye touches is turning to gold. Just as it happened for Jun Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo, all eyes are on what Park Shin Hye is dressed in in the drama.

Jewelry brand Agatha Paris, for which Park Shin Hye has modeled since 2014, is changing intothe maximum important beneficiary of Park Shin Hye’s popularity. The actress wears Agatha pieces in “Doctors,” and the Mini Mozart watch and Coco Rose necklace she wore are the newest hot items.

With trafficout of the country visiting Agatha outlets and particularlyinquiring for “Park Shin Hye’s necklace,” sales are up two hundred percent for the logo since ultimate month.

Watch the newest episode of “Doctors” below:

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