Photos Kong Hyo-jin attempts at designing bags

Photos Kong Hyo-jin attempts at designing bags

Actress Kong Hyo-jin is designing bags now.

According to VINCIS', the Hiyo Bag, a collaboration with Kong Hyo-jin, is popping outat the 26th of August.

The Hiyo Bag comprises Kong Hyo-jin's 'Hyo'. The half-moon design is convenient, purposeful and trendy. It is made with the similarsubject matter as the product from final year.

Last year, the Hiyo-Bucket bag was once designed, bringing out the fanciness of leather and minimizing the decorations. It changed intovery muchwell-liked by the young women and it sold out three times nationwide.

Gong Hyo-joon attended all assemblyreferring to this year's design and it was her concept to create a half-moon design.

She said, "I conceptnot easy about shapes when bobbing up alongside the design much like VINCIS' does with its other designs. The triangle and circle led to the bucket bag and this time I cut a circle in part to create the half-moon design".

The Hiyo-Half Moon will get started taking orders from the 16th to 25th of August and pre-orders come with coin wallets value 100,000 won.

Meanwhile, Kong Hyo-jin is starring in the hot SBS drama "Incarnation of Jealousy".