“Boys24” Announces Sangmins Withdrawal, Will Cling Online Vote To Bring Back five Contestants

“Boys24” Announces Sangmins Withdrawal, Will Cling Online Vote To Bring Back five Contestants

Boys24 Announces Sangmin’s Withdrawal, Will Grasp Online Vote To Bring Back five Contestantsilmare42 August 9, 2016 0 Boys24 Announces Sangmin’s Withdrawal, Will Hold Online Vote To Bring Back 5 Contestants It's been announced that Boys24 finalist Sangmin has had to withdraw from the competition, whilst five contestants will have every otherlikelihood at grabbing a place in the planned new boy group.

On August 6, Mnet aired the final episode of its survival boy crewpageantdisplay entitled Boys24, in which the overall twenty-four contestants were determined. The winners will spend the following year maintaining performances as the contest continues, till six individuals are selected to make their debut as a new boy group.

It has unfortunately now been announced that Sangmin, who was once the leader of Unit Sky at the show, has had to leave the competition. Boys24 states, Sangmin shared his purpose to withdraw because ofproblemsreminiscent of his health, and after much being concerned and discussion, we've gotmade a decision to appreciate his wishes.

They crossdirectly to say, We can bein a position to exist holding a favourite Member Go backFitso asto make a choicesomebody to fill Sangmins spot, in additionto make a decision on4further contestants as a precautionary measure to steer transparent of the more than a fewscenariosthat willhappendue to the the nature in their long length of performances.

Fans will be balloting on which contestants they would loveto look return to the competition. The vote will start on August 10 at 11 a.m. KST and run except the finish of the day on August 14, and should be held by way of the displaysreputable website.

The prove says they are very unhappy to see Sangmin go, yet that they hope fans will continue to beef upand inspire him.

The guys of Boys24 will be beginning their year of performances at the Boys24 x Booto Corridor on September 22.

Who are you making plans to vote for?

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