Lee Kwang Soo Named New Style For Buckaroo

Lee Kwang Soo Named New Style For Buckaroo

Lee Kwang Soo Named New Fashion For Buckarooleonid August 9, 2016 0 Lee Kwang Soo Named New Brand For Buckaroo Lee Kwang Soo is the maximum recent face of emblem Buckaroo!

On August 9, King Kong Entertainment stated, Lee Kwang Soo has been designated the crazemannequin for the 2016 F/W season of informalantique brand Buckaroo.

Lee Kwang Soo has made a call for himself far and wide Korea in additionaround the worldviadiversified projects in movies, dramas, and diversity shows, earning him the nickname of Asias Prince.

The actor also has revel in in the box of modelling, where he putsĀ his impressive height, striking appearance, and authentic mode sense to excellent use.

Recognizing his easygoing yetsubtle image, Buckaroo made up our minds that he would make an excellentfit alongside the brands vintage textures and classy tailoring, and has named him the recent face of this season.

In the photos, Lee Kwang Soo also poses with emerging CF megastar and his fellow Buckaroo model, Hi Venuss Nara.

Buckaroo officials stated, With Buckaroo, hallyu star and actor Lee Kwang Soo can create a favorableimpression as the new ambassador of Korean fashion, so he has been appointed our model for 2016. He'lltake part in quite so much of promotions by which our consumers sack meet him, adding an match to celebrate his appointment.

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