Seo In Guk is the easiest example of a gentleman

Seo In Guk is the easiest example of a gentleman

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSeo In Guk is already favoured via his lovers for his talents in making a song and acting, yet did you know, that he could also be well-loved for his method hands? 

Amongst his fans, SEO In Guk is already a tested and shown gentleman, basing from the numerousinstances he used to be candidly stuck by it. A post on Daum Cafe, however, highlighted a more explicit reaction when he sees ladiesin brief skirts or shorts.

For example, the actor incorporated a moment of covering the legs his fellow actress when she slumped back to her seat. A crossconceivableno longer included in the script, but becameplainly caught by his fans. Every otherexample was when his co-actress had to sitall through their legit press photo, but was not able to do so on account of her skirt. Without any hesititation, Seo In Guk got rid of his coat and gave it to her as cover.

In a more excessive case, Seo In Guk even controlledto hide the legs of a doll, whilst on broadcast, earning numerous laughter from his fans.

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