7 Reasons Why We Can not Get Adequate Of Park Bo Gum

7 Reasons Why We Can not Get Adequate Of Park Bo Gum

7 Reasons Why We Can not Get Adequate Of Park Bo Gumt0ky0nights August 8, 2016 0 7 Reasons Why We Can't Get Enough Of Park Bo Gum Ever since we fell in love with the drama Answer 1988 and all of its major characters, weve been expecting the actors comebacks. After seeing Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol in their new series, its after all Park Bo Gums turn to look in his maximumcontemporary series, Moonlight Drawn By way of Clouds! The wait is nearly over, yetprior to this drama arrives, we want topercentagea collection of the reasons why we cannot get enough of Park Bo Gum as an actor and as a person!

While Park Bo Gum is now known every bita skilled actor, many are surprised to understand that he's musically proficient as well! He startedreading the piano when he used to be five, and at all timessought after to turn into a singer-songwriter. Whilst he changed into in school, he sent a video of himself gambling the piano and making a song to many alternativeskill agencies, and at one point he in realityhave become a vocal trainee. However, he was promptto take a glance at out acting, and the remainder is history.

Even despite the reality that he did now notfinally finish up being a singer, there isn't any denying his musical proficiency in this video of him singing and playing his own accompaniment!

Obviously we adore Park Bo Gum as an actor, but he is solely as captivating as a musician as well!

His ConsideratePersona All the style through his climb to fame, Park Bo Gum brieflywon the recognition of being a type and thoughtful person. The accounts of his decenthabit never appear to end, and it more or less feels to be just atopic of time till we pay attention just about his next mannerly encounter! Whether he is visiting his costars parents, running his hardest, or greeting fans, he never ceases to provoke alongside his behavior.

Watch this adorable clip underneath of him being thoughtful, even if he has just been advised that he is being abducted and sent to Africa for the truthdisplayFormative years Over Flowers.

Even when he realizes that he cant bring all of his bags and he has most effective spent twelve hours in Korea, he looks after the filming staff first!

Its no wonder that Park Bo Gums attention has influenced his fanatics as well; they even made donations in honor of his birthday!

His Breathtaking VisualsIt is going to look shallow to list his visuals as some of the reasons why we love Park Bo Gum, but his good-lookingcapabilities are very unlikely to ignore! After a photo of him in primefaculty resurfaced, other folks were astonished to see how young he looks. Theres practically no difference between his appearance now and how he looked in school!Visuals

If the photo above somehow didnt overwhelm you, then experience this clip from a photo shoot – its guaranteed to impress.

Those glasses were too much to handle, but we don't seem to be complaining!

His Humble PersonalityNot just is he talented and thoughtful, Park Bo Gum could also be humble about his accomplishments, and thankful for all of the affection he has received. He has a tendency to be crushed by his fans love and is frequently brought to tears at fan meetings, where he profusely thank you fans for their support! He also shared at a fan meet that he enjoys taking the subway, and he sees no factor taking it as it is consistently punctual.

Once, an worker of Park Bo Gums firm shared how he insisted on hailing a taxi for the reluctant actor, only to turn around to see him hightailing it to the nearest subway station exit. Always keeping it genuine – thats Park Bo Gum.

Another example of Park Bo Gums modesty is when he made a cameo appearance at the 293rd episode of Running Man. When Song Ji Hyo contacts him for a mission, he is worked up to lend a hand her or evenshall we her off with a really easy task. He simplyneeds to take a photo with her and get keep of her signature, flattering Ji Hyo with his request. Watch the adorable come across below, as either one ofthose stars became starstruck with one another!

It's milesgreat to see Park Bo Gum remain humble, and no longer let his popularity get to his head!

His Dorky InnocenceAs he turns out to be genuinely sweet, its no wonder that he is amazinglyblameless as well! Whether he reasons an twist of fate or any individual pulls a prank on him, Park Bo Gum is always stunned when things move awry. The incident pictured below is barelyone of the of the unluckyscenarios that took place him while he was on Adolescence Over Plants with his Respond 1988 costars. He manages to back up their automobile into a hotel, smashing a taillight in the process. Of directionno person blames the shocked and apologetic maknae, but none of them argue when he states that riding is not his thing.

Park Bo Gum gets shocked back when Red Velvets Irene pranks him in the course of a are living broadcast for April Fools. The 2 of them were emcees for Song Bank and Irene picked the easiest moment to trick her harmless partner. Watch the adorable clip below where he tries to figure out what to do when Irene without warningseems to be sick.

He stood as still as a statue for so long, it almost appears like he hasn't ever had someone pull a prank on him before!

His Ability To Play Varying Roles2015 was a very powerful year for this young actor, as he starred in Coin Locker Woman 1Keep in mind You, and Reply 1988. His popularity rose exponentially, and he was solid as the male lead in his upcoming drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Its pleasant to see him as a major cast member! Hes been in a position to blow their own hornsa wide range of feelings and characters during his profession and almost always wins the audiences affections every time he appears. He grabs our attention and hearts, whether he portrays a hardworking and innocent baduk champion, a psychopathic serial killer, or an constructive student stuck in debt. This ability to seriously changetotally is one of his largest charms, and a talent that even some experienced actors will envy!Varying Roles

Enjoy this short compilation of his a lot of characters and big choice of emotions, to expertise the versatility of Park Bo Gum.

We surely dear his intense and emotional acting!

His Adorable Chemistry With His Co-StarsSince Park Bo Gum has won over our affections, its no surprise that he is a favourite among the solid as well. He conveys a lovely younger-brother symbol to his fellow actors, who enjoy interacting with him and gazing over him during filming.

He charms them with his adorable antics and blinding smiles!

After Moonlight Drawn By Clouds released photos of the script reading, we rapidlylearned that we are for sure in for another chemistry-filled series. Watch the adorable interactions between Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung below!

The two of them are simply too cute together!

Bonus! Watch this hilarious trailer for Moonlight Drawn By Clouds below!

Tell us what you like the most about Park Bo Gum, and while you're excited for Moonlight Drawn By Clouds in the comments!

In the meantime, catch watch Park Bo Gum in Reply 1988 and I Do not forget You below: 

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