I.O.I’s Kim Sohye’s Hobby Is Picking Up Trash

I.O.I’s Kim Sohye’s Hobby Is Picking Up Trash

I.O.Is Kim Sohyes Hobby Is Picking Up Trash?JiwonYu August 8, 2016 0 I.O.Is Kim Sohyes Hobby Is Picking Up Trash? I.O.Is Kim Sohye has mentioned her abnormal hobby of picking up trash.

On the hot episode of Mnets LAN Cable Buddies I.O.I, the individuals of I.O.I watch photos from their first assembly alongside the group of workers of Produce 101. In Kim Sohyes clip, she pulls out the entire trash that she picked up from the streets out of her bag when asked to turn what is in it by way of the staff.

She says, I cant pass by trash this is left on the ground so I at all timespick out IT up.

Kim Sohye explains that as a result of this, her chums would purposely leave trash with her just as a joke.

She opens her backpack to teachthe employeesthe whole trash shes got. When the workers tells her that they're going to throw it away for her, Kim Sohye smiles and thank you them.

The other members observing the clip compliment her, with the display confirming that the Kim Sohyes hobby is picking up trash.

The prove also showed an old clip of Kim Sohye dancing, causing her to conceal her face and scream in embarrassment.

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