Eric Nam Talks About MAMAMOO’s Sun And How He Photographs His Long term Married Life

Eric Nam Talks About MAMAMOO’s Sun And How He Photographs His Long term Married Life

Eric Nam Talks About MAMAMOOs Sun And How He Photographs His Long run Married Lifestyles JiwonYu August 8, 2016 0 Eric Nam Talks About MAMAMOOs Solar And How He Pictures His Future Married Life Eric Nam these days sat down for a interview and had a couple of drinks, too, whilst answering some questions about his We Were given Married wife Solar from MAMAMOO.

At first, Eric Nam says that it used to be awkward between the two. I called her honey once in a while and it made me cringe, says the singer, laughing.

I just got comfy while filming the remaining two or 3 episodes. I presumed Solar become a playful consumeryet information technologystunned me that she was the full opposite. I used to be very worried at first because this felt like I was signing a wedding contract, Eric Nam confesses.

He continues, The folks in the studio sought after us to get closer quicker, but that doesnt fit alongside our concept. My preciseobjective when marrying in genuine life is to reside like buddies even after marriage.

Eric Nam comments that Solar is an overlyexcellent person, saying, I wish totake care of my friendship with her, calling each and every other each timean excellent or bad thing happens. I learned that my personality fitssmartly with hers once you haveto understandevery one other. My wish that I told her when we were in Jeju Island have become a hot topic. I in point of factintended it when I stated that I wishedto talk informally with her. Thats the sole way we mightdevelop into close. Getting to communicate informally was the key.

In a recent episode of We Got Married, Eric Nam let Solar take pricein their finances. When asked if Eric Nam would let his real wife, later in life, do this, he says, I loveto watchthe massive picture. I may justtackle detailed portions of my budget but I'd leave it up to my wife if she offers. If you glance at my parents, my dad looks at the giganticimage while my motherlooks after the detailed things. Oh, here isslightly fascinating. It seems like 1 prefer my parents style.

Watch Eric Nam and Solar in the maximum recent episode of We Got Married below!

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