Seoul Town Supplies Contentious Handout to Young Jobseekers

The Seoul Metropolitan Govt on Wednesday awarded a W500,000 allowance to a couple 2,800 handpicked young unemployed other people (US$1=W1,118).

The Ministry of Fitness and Welfare straight away condemned the move, which went forwardregardless ofincreasingly more frantic attempts by potential of the ministry to forestall it.

The ministry acknowledged information technology "cannot allow" what it called "populist" welfare policies aimed at bribing young voters. It gave the town government an ultimatum of nine a.m. Thursday to cancel the policy and threatened to revoke the city's powers.

Seoul urban officials countered by threatening to take the ministry to court.

The unemployment allowance is paid for up to 6 months to make a choice young individuals between 19 and 29 who have lived in the capital for more than a year and paintingsnot up to 30 hours a week. The purpose is to assist them out as they look for jobs.

The city has set apart W9 billion this year and hopes to amplify the collection of recipients in the future.

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon, a most sensible presidential contender in the liberal camp, has many times vowed no longer to back down.

The city won 6,309 packages and closing week chose 3,000 of them according to their family income, duration of unemployment and variety ofcircle of relatives members.

The billsbegandirectly to 2,831 those who signed an acceptance form.

The ministry had it turns out thatwas hoping to cease the payments at the last minute, yet too late.

A ministry reliable warned, "This may justrecommended other regional governments to adoptan identical policies aimed at wooing voters".