Watch: Contestant Presupposed to Be BTS’s Jungkook Plays On “King Of Masked Singer”

Watch: Contestant Presupposed to Be BTS’s Jungkook Plays On “King Of Masked Singer”

Watch: Contestant Supposed to exist BTSs Jungkook Plays On King Of Masked Singerilmare42 August 7, 2016 0 Watch: Contestant Speculated To Be BTSs Jungkook Performs On King Of Masked Singer The masked contestant that many audiencetrust to be BTSs Jungkook has made his first functionality on King of Masked Singer!

ARMYs had already begun to invest that a new contestant on King of Masked Singer is BTSs Jungkook just from the photos in the preview for this weeks episode, in reaction to his stance and the style he holdsĀ his microphone.

SpoilersOn August 7s episode of King of Masked Singer, the contestant in question, whos actingbelow the alias of Fencing Man, takes to the degreeto accomplish a duet in the competitions first round. Prior to they even get started singing, individuals of the panel wager that either he and his duet spouse Archery Lady are idol singers.

The pair carry out the song Im in Love by way of Ra.D, and lots offanatics have acknowledged Fencing Mans voice sounds similar to Jungkook.

After the target market and famous person panel submits their votes, the panel stocks what they bring to mind the performance and tries to guess who the contestants are. Kim Gura says he thinks Fencing Guycould be a comic whos much older than Archery Girl, which turns out to make Fencing Man laugh.

Other members of the panel complimenteither one of their voices and say they sound like pro singers. Oh My Ladies YooA says shes certain that Fencing Man is an idol, and issues out that duringspecific his frame makes her think that.

As a section of the skill portion, Fencing Man displays off his hilarious fencing dance and imitates the station announcements on Seouls subway system.

The panel and audience votes are then revealed, and Fencing Man wins the circular with 59 features to Archery Ladies 40. After Fencing Man exits the stage, Archery Woman is printed to be singer Woman Jane.

Watch Fencing Mans complete performance, dance, and the panels discussion below.

As Fencing Man won this round, hell be appearing in next Sundays episode of King of Masked Singer to operate solo in the 2d one round. If he wins opposed to his competitor in the moment round, he's going tocrossdirectly to the 3rd round. The winner of the 1/3around is then pitted against the displayspresent champion for the name of King of Masked Singer.

Do you think Jungkook is at the back of the mask of Fencing Man?

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