A Pink’s Naeun praised for her highest  frame in contemporary video

A Pink’s Naeun praised for her highest frame in contemporary video

28kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter After unencumber of A Pinks Take note choreography video, netizens talk about Son Naeuns best possible body.

A Pinks Naeun is known as the visual member of the group. She is incessantlywhen compared with other visual individuals in K-pop teamscomparable to Girls Generation Yoona and AOAs Seolhyun. She is understood for her herbaland wonderful looks in addition her long and gorgeous body. In the newest choreography video of A Pinks Remember, netizens talk Naeuns frame figure.

Originally titled Heol, Its A Red This Time, here'sthe entire translation of the post and comments below:

I used to beobserving A Pinks choreography video yet Son Naeuns body, wow

She becomedressed in leggings in the Luv video and her body looked beautiful. I betfor this reason she wore leggings back this time!!

I think her body is actuallypretty 3

I think she looks beautiful. please dont leave malicious comments!!

264 / -43 I think she generally is a Adidas fashion with that body hahahahaha

198 / -41 Best remark hahahahahahahahaha She has to be a version hahahahaha I heard on account of the choreography video, couple sites had leggings all sold out hahahahahaha I saw many women wearing it outdoor after the release of the video but they dont have the similar vibe.

153 / -44 No subject how much hate you give her, she is popular even among celebrities haha I heard she gets hit on so much.

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