Netizens proportion EXO’s mythical GIFs and photos

Netizens proportion EXO’s mythical GIFs and photos

31kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter EXO contributors accept many pictures circulating the internet, but here are one of the vitalmythical photos that netizens have been sharing recently.

With many fanatics having their own favourite photos and GIFs in their biases, netizens have collected the maximum legendary into a thread on Pann.

Check out the legendary photos and GIFs that Korean netizens are speaking about!

Translations of the subtitles are equipped at the ground of every photo:

Our Jongin isnt that form ofkidinstructor please

Jongin: Ah mother why are you here


You higher meet me after school

Sehun (Spell Sorcerer): Nya nya nya nya

Kyungsoo (23) / Cinderella: Can I arise and consume there as well

Sehun / Step-mom: If you've got two lives, you'll be in a position to come up

249 / -18 Im now not even their fan yetstored this because its funny hahahahahahahahahahahaha

177 / -31 yeah photo Oh my god.. whats wrong with my face

149 / -45 No but here is B2Bs specialty

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