Male idols which are unbelievably talented at taking selfies

Male idols which are unbelievably talented at taking selfies

24kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Netizens talk about male idols that take the maximum amazing photographs of themselves.

Posted on Pann, netizens talk idols that take the most productive selfies.

Originally titled Idols That Take Excellent Selfies (Boy version), here's the direct translation of the post and comments below.

Since there was once a post of idols who are bad at taking selfies haha I determinedto placethose who are sensible at it!

These idols for my part who are easiest at it

I wager this is an ordinary boyfriends method

He is soo lovable :( explosive cuteness

He is like a statue not anything to say..

I becomestunned at his good-looking confront when I used to beon the lookout for photos

He truly takes picturesin line with his style

Either on videos or photos, he has such largecapabilities on his small face ^3^ Teach Changseob how to take selfies..

Im adding after reading comments 3

I slept and aroused from sleepbecause ofthe elements and got hereto assemble some BTOB pictures yet 1discovered that I was on best talk.. Thank you :( please post increasingly photos on here~ Unwelltest the comments and upload more.

192 / -64 Freaking handsome :(

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