Photos "Fantastic" Kim Hyeon-joo and Joo Sang-wook's transformation

Teaser posters of Kim Hyeon-joo and Joo Sang-wook's new JTBC drama "Fantastic" were released.

Kim Hyeon-joo steals the displayat the poster as Lee So-hye, a drama creator who lives a completeexistence ignoring the truth that she's a loss of life patient.

She's smiling brightly in the imageyet on the opposite hand, a tear is running down her face.

Joo Sang-wook is totally the opposite. He is taking on the role of Ryu Hae-seong, a most sensible actor who is understood for his bad performance, hence the nickname 'Balcaprio'. Joo Sang-wook looks good-looking in the poster, but also serious; the caption says, "I know I'm a bad actor and the entireglobal knows it".

Kim Hyeon-joo and Joo Sang-wook's poster shoot went on in a filled with life atmosphere. Kim controlled to get a tear running down her cheek immediate and Joo Sang-wook got hereready every bit Ryu Hae-seong.

The first episode of "Fantastic" is scheduled to air on the second of September.