Spoiler "Wanted" Eom Tae-woong did not call the police officers after assembly the criminal

Eom Tae-woong let Lee Moon-sik go.

On the episode of the SBS drama "Wanted", Joon-goo (Lee Moon-sik) gave the impression in front of Dong-wook (Eom Tae-woong).

Joon-goo disappeared with Hyeon-joo (Park Min-soo) or even his mother-in-law. Therefore, the truth that Joon-goo called Hye-in (Kim Ah-joong) first used to be a confusing situation; Hye-in shouted for Hyeon-woo on the telephone amongst Joon-goo.

Joon-goo seemed in Dong-wook's house. When Joon-goo how saw stunned Dong-wook was, he said, "I did not think you'll existhousesooner than the broadcast". Joon-goo simplestresponded that Hyeon-woo turned into safe.

Dong-wook asked Joon-goo why he didn't ask to be on air with him yet Joon-goo had already crossed the river. Joon-goo admitted that he was at the back of all this and passed a tape to Dong-wook, then asked him to exploit it. Dong-wook didn't call the police on him and let him go.