Na Young Suk Compares The Enlargement Of Lee Seung Gi And Nam Joo Hyuk

Na Young Suk Compares The Enlargement Of Lee Seung Gi And Nam Joo Hyuk

Na Young Suk Compares The Enlargement Of Lee Seung Gi And Nam Joo Hyukboxclub August 4, 2016 0 Na Young Suk Compares The Increase Of Lee Seung Gi And Nam Joo Hyuk Popular generating director (PD) Na Young Suk compares two stars with whom he has worked with that experienceturn intofamily names.

Singer-actor Lee Seung Gi has a uniquedating amongst Na Young Suk. They met at the KBS2 typedisplay ii Days 1 Evening and together, rose to wonderful success. Lee Seung Gi cemented his role as a singer-actor-variety famous person and Na Young Suk waswell known for his shuttlerange shows.

The two met back in 2015 on the travel-reality prove New Adventure to the West and their synergy remained the same. Lee Seung Gi grew out of his clumsy symbol and showed off a more mature charm. The chemistry with the old 2 Days 1 Night contributors remained the similar and New Trip to the West proved the immense doable of a internet variety show.

Nam Joo Hyuk has been gaining passion for his similarities with Lee Seung Gi. He'slately starring on tvNs 3Foods a Day. Even though his sense of awareness may now not be quick, he works as demanding every bitany person else and is receiving attention for his faithful determination on the show.

During the clickconvention for Three Food a Day, Na Young Suk said, Nam Joo Hyuk is 23 years old. When I first met Lee Seung Gi, he was once 23 years old. I wish to emphasize his young charms.

During a up to date interview with reporters, Na Young Suk continues his compliment of the two actors, saying, Lee Seung Gi is understoodthroughevery person to be the easiest son. He works actually hard. Nam Joo Hyuk is curious and has bright eyes. On Three Meals a Day, the total lotmight be new to him. Hes never lived in the rusticaspectyetunexpectedly ducks come running out and he has to do the dishes. When Cha Seung Won calls him, he could just walk over but he runs. He foolishly wastes his energy, guffawing as he describes how hardworking Nam Joo Hyuk is.

He spares no compliments for the actor, saying, Though Im certain he may have ambitions to seem good, he doesnt try and bear witness off. He knows his role and its been large seeing him paintings so hard, appearing his candy affections for the committed actor.

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