Korean Stars Still Thrive in China In spite of THHAD Squabble

Korean Stars Still Thrive in China In spite of THHAD Squabble

Korean stars are still popular and widely represented in China, even if the legitsurroundings is thick with mutual suspicion after Korea determined to deploy a U.S. Terminal High-Altitude Defense battery.

On Wednesday the Beijing Formative years Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Formative years League, felt moved to disclaim rumors that methods featuring Korean stars are being canceled on Chinese TV.

The rumors stated Beijing would restrict appearances through Korean Televisionand picture stars on state-run channels.

The daily said it checked with quite so much of media shops and the rumors were false.

Indeed, a Chinese film starring Korean singer Hwang Chi-yeol previewed on Monday and may hit theaters on Friday. Any othermotion picture featuring Seung Ri of boy band Large Bang continues filming in Hong Kong.

The daily added that the television series "Uncontrollably Fond" starring Kim Woo-bin and Suzy will get started airing on Chinese TV on Sunday.

However, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post, which is marginally freer of state control, quoted broadcasting resources in Guangdong as announcinggovt officials gave orders to restrict appearances of Korean stars.

Meanwhile, China's Global Times quoted Korean reports that Korean stars are bracing for retaliatory measures over the THAAD resolutionyet added they were more than likelybecause of a in charge conscience.

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