Jeong Woo-seong Joins Side road  Crusade for World's Refugees

Jeong Woo-seong Joins Side road Crusade for World's Refugees

Actor Jeong Woo-seong watches a ladysignal a petition to lend a hand global refugees in downtown Seoul on Wednesday. /Courtesy of the United CountriesPrime Commissioner for Refugees

Actor Jeong Woo-seong promoted a crusadeto assist global refugees on a boulevard in downtown Seoul on Wednesday.

He took phaseat streetlevel campaign with other volunteers in front of the Korean administrative center of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

He encouraged other people to check in to assistance refugees reside amongst human dignity no less than with minimum sustenance and shelter. "A position to sleep, a role to make a living and a facultyto coachyoungsters are fundamental rights of all and sundry in the world", he said.

Jeong has been running to elevate awareness at the humanitarian crisis since Would possibly 2014 first as the UN commission's honorary suggest and then as honorary ambassador to which he was once promoted in June final year.

Jeong himself had lived in a shanty the citytill he turned into in centercollege and that enjoy helped him notice refugees, he said. He also stated that Korea rebuilt the rustic with the assistance from the UN after the Korean War, so Koreans is also in an easierfunctionto comprehend refugees. The petition campaign is being conducted to inspire countries around the arena to ensureschooling for all refugee children, securehouses for refugee families and jobs or vocational education for all refugees. Some 470,000 individuals have signed up in Korea as of Wednesday. The refugee firm plans to put up the list of signers to the UN Headquarters next month."I am pleased with the activists who are operatingnot easy in the hot weather. I am hopingfolks will give refugees a assisting hand", Jeong said.