Drama Review 'W' Episode 5

Drama Review 'W' Episode 5

There's a point of view shift from Yeon-joo to Cheol here, which finally ends up explaining numerousinformation aboutthe basis of"W"that till instantlywere unclear. First of all, we know what the title"W"refers to internally now, and featurea neaterclutch of the series of occasions that led Cheol from tragic backstory to genius investigator. Yet the more very important shift is Cheol's emotional state. Through reading the"W"comic book, Cheol can see his wholeexistence pass in front of him.

This is a sexy messed up mental country to be him. I in reality felt trulyresponsible for so much of"W", because such a lot of this episode is just pointing out that it isroughly messed up how other people use fiction to vicariously identify with the pain of alternative people. Even granting that Cheol is a fictional character, there are precisegenuineindividuals in the sector who have suffered the loss of enjoyed ones in terrible circumstances. Portraying their pain for the sake of our own amusement is lovely cold.

On a less discouraging note, I am not convinced Cheol is really a fictional character. Yes, the supporting evidence does appear to make any other interpretation at this point unlikely- but now not impossible. The entire lot insight Seong-moo has regardingCheol that turns out to be evidence of the man's manmade nature may merely as without problems existobserved equally insight to his personality that might be expected from any individualwho is been in intimate touch amongst the guy for so long.

Advertisement The similarcan also beacknowledged for Cheol's deductions into Seong-moo's character. Believe this. We make private judgments in accordance withof uswe do notdefinitely know all of the time, just primarily based on extant subject material transmitted via mass media. As an example, whenever you read my studies y'all probablyhave opinionsto my personality and how I tick, and several of thosereviews are almost definitely true. But they are true simplest to the level you notice my reviews. There is more to my existence and personality than just my reviews.

Cheol himself is the proof of idea for all this, since over and over againthe guy defies expectancies of what he "should" do and as a substitute exactly does what he needs to do. Seong-moo and Yeon-joo are nowa lot morelimited characters than Cheol because they suspect in talegood judgment and Cheol does not, even supposing ostensibly Seong-moo and Yeon-joo are characters in the genuine world. It be all...very complicated, shouldn't be it? And as usual, the cliffhanger only makesthe situationworse.