"Moonlight Drawn via Clouds" unveils persona posters featuring Park Bo-geom and Kim Yoo-jeong

Character posters of Kim Yoo-jeong and Park Bo-geom had been released.

They take at the part of Prince Lee Yeong and maid Hong Ra-on in the hot KBS 2TV drama "Moonlight Drawn by ability of Clouds". They seem to be a couple from an illustration.

Park Bo-geom plays the role of a prince like never earlier than as his face is filled with youthfulness at the age of nineteen. Park Bo-geom is going from trustworthy to cheerful and more than any individual would ever be expecting from the actor.

Kim Yoo-jeong is dressed ina chic Hanbok despite the reality that she's a maid in the drama. She's smiling so superbly and meets the prince in the palace which she passed the maids' examine for.

The drama is very best for the summer weather and each personaddingforged and workforce worked not easybelow the sweltering sun.

"Moonlight Drawn by Clouds" is a romantic tale between the youths of the Joseon times and it's far co-directed by Kim Seong-yoon and Baek Sang-hoon.