Hyuna Ups the Ante and extra Polarizes in “How’s This”

Hyuna Ups the Ante and extra Polarizes in “How’s This”

20160803_seoulbeats_hyuna_howsthisHyuna Ups the Ante and additional Polarizes in Hows This?Written by skill of Mark On August 3, 2016Hyuna has at all times been a debatable figure. Folksappear to either love her or hate her. There’s hardly ever an in-between. To turn out my point, I’m going to embed a ballothere and so our readers would possibly quantify their emotionsin opposition to her ahead ofproceeding amongst the review.

For those thatdecided on Love Her, I’m utterly with you. Whether it be love for her unadulterated concepts, for the manner she works a degree like no other, for her unapologetic attractive swag, for how she’s no longer afraid to push the envelope, or for all the above, there’s trulynot anything that anchors one’s love for her more so than the mountains of hate which will have to exist tolerated from her haters. In essence, love for Hyuna stems from a position of hate. And there'snumerous hate to move around.

For the ones of you who chose Hate Her, I don’t blame you. Cube Entertainment put her on a pedestal unlike any idol we’ve noticed before. With the without warningunforeseen and unceremonious disbandment of 4Minute, it’s turn out to be crystal transparent that the oppositeindividuals were never held in the similar regard as Hyuna. They were just there to raise her up and to make amends for her shortcomings. And there are rather a lot of shortcomings.

Just to get the maximum obvious ones out of the way: her musical abilities are, for lack of a higher word, lacking. Dice isn’t certain whether to make her a singer or a rapper because either vessels seem to create a definiteform of discomfort. The purpose of such isn’t that, as many of uscould think, Hyuna lacks the vocal or rapping skillsof alternative idols; it’s just because her voice does now not conform with that of a normal idol. She doesn’t have the tough husky RB vocals which enable her to be regarded as a just right singer, nor does her nasally monotonous beginning qualify her for any rap accolades. In effect, those shortcomings force her promotions to middlein massive partround her strengths: her skillto transport and dazzle the stage.

The other giant complaint about Hyuna is the loss of diversity in her concepts. Since her solo debut, her ideas acceptlong gone from sexy to more sexy to even more sexy. There’s also been an anti-feminist critique which I've beenresponsible of conveying in her concepts and visuals which now and then cater particularly to the male gaze. Not that she’s by myself in committing such unspeakable crimes, yet she’s no doubt been singled out as the poster kid for her willingness to steadilysubjectthe bounds of what’s acceptable.

This indeed rings true in her latest release, “How’s This?” In fact, the entire tropes mentioned, both negative and positive, are absolutely on display screen in this song and MV, some of that have been amplified for mass effect. “How’s This?” is an extension of Hyuna’s ultimate promotion, “Roll Deep.” More specifically, it’s an extension of the mind-blowing trailer to her fourth mini-album which showcased her as a sumptuous mild-mannered heiress-type by day and as a heavy drinking, drug-using, orgy-indulging partier by night. In other words, she’s your standard American facultylady archetype, as imagined by Koreans, absolute best exemplified by this SNL Korea satire of Tiffany.

“How’s This?” focuses speciallyat the partygoing vixen-by-night character, expanding upon the universe created in the fourth mini-album trailer by appearing us what Hyuna’s evening out at the club looks like. Typical club shenanigans ensue, not the least of which include: pulling up in an embarrassingly great ride, making it rain, pouring dear alcohol into the open mouths of willing clubgoers, picking up guys and grinding on them, lining up at the toilet for some doable non-medical drug use; and of course, having some guy pull you by the wrist, pin you opposed to the wall, and gaze into your eyes for a longing 2d before making out. All in a night’s work!

The song is what we’ve come to expect. For better or for worse, it’s been a foray into heavy electronic tune e'er since “Red,” and this isn't any different. Whatever vocals or rapping this is required is obviously overshadowed by the volume and production of the music. The song is obviously crafted to be conducted and from what glimpses we have got of the choreography, we willmake it seemingly for the live performance will involvethe complete trademarks we’ve come to go along with Hyuna: equivalentportions powerful, distinct, provocative, and difficult.

20160803_seoulbeats_hyuna_how'sthis3The song and MV is clearly intended to up the ante and additionalbuilding up the divide between Hyuna’s supporters and her naysayers. It pushes the barriers of what we’ve come to be expecting from a K-pop MV and gives us many stuff that we don’t get elsewhere. This makes Hyuna a polarizing figure because she demanding situations what it means to be an idol. Are idols not supposed to drink and use recreational drugs? Are they not supposed to dance seductively and give in to their insideneeds when approached by a guy at a party? In other words, is it OK to give idols the firm to act upon their impulses?

If it were any other idol, the solution would be clearly a negative. However, Hyuna is the exception. For a feminine idol to be given the correct to act upon her own sexual goals is clearly groundbreaking and in all probability the most feminist thing you’ll get out of K-pop this year.

Whether you adore her or hate her, we can all agree that Hyuna is massivelyother from each personin the market and that’s precisely what makes her interesting. Her symbol is so enormously divergent from all other idols that it puts into query how we outline an idol. I don’t think somebodymay beconverting their opinion of Hyuna after gazing “How’s This?” but I am hoping that this review has allowed you to realize Hyuna for what she is.

Readers, do you love her or hate her? Let us know in the comments!

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