Drama Review 'Doctors' Episode 14

Drama Review 'Doctors' Episode 14

Min-ho (played by way of Jeong Hae-gyoon) is Hye-jeong's estranged father. I have never had much reasonto talk about Min-ho because it is never been transparent to me how very important he was once to Hye-jeong's story. It roughlylooked like Min-ho turned into merelyany otherimpediment Hye-jeong had to overcome, although he has sympathetic personality traits. Seo-woo, you'll be able to recall, has the similar problem. Well, eitherthe hole and the final of this episode immediatelycope with the relevance of Min-ho's presence/absence in Hye-jeong's life- to tough cathartic effect.

Or perhaps information technology just gave the impression that way because I am so used to "Doctors" missing any form of emotional have an effect on at all. Creator Ha Myeong-hee very much dips into the melodrama toolbox for the plot this time around. Belowcustomarycases 1may well be more severe of the stylethe taleis going but...well, Namgoong Min is solelyin realityexcellent being the victim of the melodrama for once. Or not it's hard now not to get choked up by the cruelselections he makes, even if they are patentlythe incorrect ones.

One explanation whyhere's such an tremendouswarfare for Hye-jeong to confront is that she can not solve this hassle by being an ideal doctor. It also highlights why the occasional speak aboutcash is if truth be told important. Hospitals are expensive, which is why if you arepleased with your clinical care, you must donate to the health facilityat oncein its place of gifting the attending doctor alongside a car.

Yes, I'm still sour about that and other beyond plot points. Truthfully, I am notlooking ahead to "Doctors" to toughen much once Namgoong Min in any case leaves because there is notwithstanding this worrying goofy propensity duringthe opposite stories. Soon-hee it turns out that runs the maximum important hangout for the entire doctors in the medical institution now, which approach thatthey willdisplay up at the most beside the point times for the most inappropriate reasons. Whilstthose scenes are not bad they are slightly silly.

But "Doctors" has at all times been most powerful when it's been taking stabs at the metaphorical middle (I still to find the literal surgeries to be lovely boring). Baek Seong-hyeon has trivially little screen time yet continuouslyprovidesa robustfunctionalitysimply by convincingly being Seo-woo's perfect friend. It abilitya load more to be great to somebodywho istype of a jerk than it does to someone who is constantly portrayed as perfect and super-attractive. Although oddly enough, with her parental problems more exposed, I locate I'm liking Hye-jeong more as a protagonist now than I have in quite awhile now.