Fans suspect an adorable “lovestagram” between those two celebrities

Fans suspect an adorable “lovestagram” between those two celebrities

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter“Lovestagrams” have at all times been a thing to permitloversto take a position on their favorite idol’s dating life. This time, fans have found out a strange link between EXO’s Baekhyun and actor Lee Jun Ki

A fan posted the appealing link between the 2 on Pann and shared how cutely Lee Jun Ki regards his junior, Baekhyun. It used to be as well explained how the two were given to be even closer with the actor eventually  visiting the member on EXO’s concert recently.

Updating his private Instagram account, Lee Jun Ki explained his satisfaction at the comments left by capacity of EXO-Ls and can'tlend a handyetappreciate his friend, Baekhyun. He also teased fans to stay up for Baekhyun’s upcoming appearance as an actor.

Both celebrities might beacting on Scarlet Heart with IU.

Image: Pann / Junki's Instagram Image: Pann / Junkis Instagram

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