Is There An Emerging Vogue Of Brief  Lady  Workforce Projects

Is There An Emerging Vogue Of Brief Lady Workforce Projects

Is There An Emerging Fashion Of BriefLadyStaff Projects?choralee August 2, 2016 0 Is There An Emerging Trend Of Temporary Girl Organization Projects? With the hot slew of girl teams debuting in the K-pop scene, one thingturns out to tie many of them together: theyre all temporary projects. Viaothertype broadcasts, groups like I.O.I, C.I.V.A, I.B.I, or even Unnies wereemerging in popularity. May just there be a new trend of temporary girl groups?

Heres an inventory of girl group projects which arelately in the K-pop scene:

The group used to be created by way of Mnets Produce 101, where 101 trainees participated in a chain of tests so as to grow to be one of 11 women in a temporary assignment group. I.O.I debuted with Dream Girls and is currently preparing for a comeback.

I.B.I is made up of contributors who also participated in Mnets Produce 101, yet did no longer brand the I.O.I team. The girl group project was encouraged and was hoping for by fans, and now Loen Entertainment plans to make their debut a reality.

A few of the members of I.B.I also area phase ofevery other labor girl group, C.I.V.A. Members Kim Sohee and Yoon Chaekyung were element of the Mnet mockumentary display God of Music, and during thediversityprove the group debuted with a remake of Divas 1998 hit Why?

And finally, theres Unnies, a set that formed through the range show Sisters Slam Dunk. With a mixture of comediennes, actresses, and K-pop stars, Unnies debuted with the song Shut Up.

Despite the temporary nature of the projects, I.O.I and other project girl groups have displayed an undeniable amount of affectin the K-pop industry. With more temporary girl group activities ahead, and more bendy groups like NCT, there could be many more temporary K-pop groups in the future.

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