Spoiler "Bring It On, Ghost" Kwon Yul, is he the one that killed Kim So-hyeon-I

On the 7th episode of the tvN drama "Bring It On, Ghost", Kim Hyeon-ji (Kim So-hyeon-I) began remembering things.

A reminiscence of her beyondwas once replayed in her dreams. She remembered where she died, then suffered from a nightmare.

Eun-seong determined to kill herself yet a ghost she met on the roof possessed her. Park Bong-pal and Kim Hyeon-ji conducted exorcism on Eun-seong. Kim Hyeon-joo attempted to convince the ghost that Eun-seong mustn't die, then the ghost said, "This is what she needs but she does not have the courage to do it so I amaiding her. Do notfaux you know everything".

Eun-seong's mom reflected on her mistake of pushing her daughter to the brink and Park Bong-pal were given the ghost out. Eun-seong got here back as herself and cried in her mother's arms.

Kim Hyeon-ji then said, "I think I know who that girl from my dream is. She may smartly be my mother. She would not cried like Eun-seong's mother if she changed into my mother". Park Bong-pal stated it was lucky that she was remembering things.

Kim Hyeon-ji said bitterly, "At least there may be one consumer at least to stress for me, even though that person's now not my mother".

Oh Kyeong-jae (Lee Do-yeon) got to work at Joo Hye-seong's (Kwon Yul) animal sanatorium and discovered Kim Hyeon-ji's student id card. Joo Hye-seong came in and said, "This is changing into bothersome" then looked at Kyeong-ja.