“Showtime” Stocks Stills Of MAMAMOO’s Quilt MV Of GFRIEND’s Hit Track

“Showtime” Stocks Stills Of MAMAMOO’s Quilt MV Of GFRIEND’s Hit Track

Showtime Stocks Stills Of MAMAMOOs Duvet MV Of GFRIENDs Hit Song ilmare42 August 1, 2016 0 Showtime Shares Stills Of MAMAMOOs Hide MV Of GFRIENDs Hit Track MAMAMOO and GFRIEND can be covering every others popular music videos for Showtime!

On August 1, stills were shared of MAMAMOOs cover video of GFRIENDs hit Rough, in which they turn out to be from their same old performance-centric, retro, and colourfulglance in music videos into a more demure, schoolgirl thought for the primary time.

Although they pull off the outfits and no longeremploying a problem, it seems like the participants volition still be appearing off quite so much of their original beagle charms as they goof off a little bit and play with the concept.

MAMAMOO is expounded to also be tackling GFRIENDs choreography for the music video. From the appearance of the presentations preview for this weeks episode, probably the most members of GFRIEND will be performing MAMAMOOs Youre the maximum efficient for their own cover MV!

The two ladyteams are joint starring at theexisting season of the idol truthdisplay Showtime. The next episode of Showtime will air on August four at 6 p.m. on MBC every1.

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