Netizens reveal iKON Junhoe’s “bad clubbing behaviour”

Netizens reveal iKON Junhoe’s “bad clubbing behaviour”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens criticize iKON member Koo Junhoe for clubbing too much without caution as a rookie

In South Korea, many idols are very wary in keeping their non-publicevening lives clear of the public media. iKON member Koo Junhoe is 17 years old U.S age yet is felony in South Korea to drink because the year 2016 officially made him a 20 year old in Korea. As a rookie and thought to be still a young person in the U.S., is Koo Junhoe going to clubs way too much?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens criticize Koo Junhoe for going to way too many clubs without caution as a rookie after being spotted clubbing with Clara Lee.

Titled Any other Photo of Koo Junhoe Clubbing Published Hahaha, this is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

Because such so much of picturefanatics are claiming that it wasnt Koo Junhoe clubbing, witnesses are freeingpictures of him clubbing hahahahaha.

People believed that Koo Junhoe clubbing with Clara Lee on March 6th was oncepretend because there were no photos.

But any person released it lately hahahahahahahhaah

Title: I saw Koo Junhoe on March 5th at Club Arena

I became secretly taking photos of him but one of the most guys with him was providingbeverages alongside me and stuff. I used to be still so mad at that guy for no longer letting me take a excellent photo but Koo Junhoes photos were taken in some other club hahahahahahahahah

The one with the mask and hat is Koo Junhoe and

I wasnt going to post it but it's far now sensible that I will postal service this hahahahahahaha.

Clara was actually there on that day.

Someone saw him on March 20th as neatly at club Arena.

Photo taken of him throughout the club and at the pho Vietnamese noodles literally 1 minute far from Club Arena.

He went clubbing and then ate some noodles to put off his hangover hahahahahahahahahah

In order for delusional fans, she took one more photo to make certain IT was him haha

Hahahahaahahahahah The more iKON fans deny it, more difficult evidence that may come out

How repeatedly does he pass clubbing in a month? Shouldnt you go once or two times lol

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540 / -95 The issueisn't that he'sno longersufficiently oldto head clubbing but a rookie idol who just debuted five months is partying with women surrounding him in a room hahahahahaha Whenever you turn it around and say a woman idol was striking out with guys around him, people will treat her like a whore hahahahahaaha And what is that red mildThe woman on the left is smoking and the woman on the proper is under the affect of alcohol out of her brain hahahahahahahahahahah A rookie actually has a sturdycenter

444 / -95 Please be nicer in your fans and not to girls at clubs

383 / -85 Where would his bad personality go hahahahaahahahahahah Those who were gambling at the club with him really were literally looking todisclose them when they were givenan opportunity since he was such an as*hole. If your personality sucks, it'sonly a few fourth dimensionprior toanything comes up like this

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