Spoiler "The 2d Final Love" Kim hee-ae blushes at Kwak Si-yang's compliment

On the 2d one episode of the SBS weekend drama "The MomentUltimate Love", Kang Min-joo (Kim Hee-ae) and Park Joon-woo (Kwak Si-yang) reunited.

Kang Min-joo met Joon-woo whilst she used to betaking a look around for a house. There has been a caf where he worked next to the home she looked at and she identified the boy who gave her a ride on his motorbike.

Park Joon-woo told her, "The areamust exist fine. You mustgo in there and we will see each and every other often. I are living here. It's seemingly you'lltransforman ordinary at my caf". Kang Min-joo said, "It's excellentto understand I have a fair neighbor since you never know what will happen".

When he did notrealize what she said, she explained, "I mean, I may justwant an ambulance one day, since I am this age..." yet he told her that she looked very young.

Kang Min-joo said, "I would possiblyturned into a normal here" then she blushed.