BTOB and Apink are at all times  observed  in combination  yet are never suspected of dating

BTOB and Apink are at all times observed in combination yet are never suspected of dating

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterFrequently, there are rumors that circulation speculating whether sure idols are in relationships or not.

There are some idols that admit to being in relationships in the past, comparable to FTISLANDs Hongki admitting to having a some relationship. Other idols that experience been known thus far are T-ARAs Soyeon, miss As Suzy and actor Lee Minho, Jessica, and IU.

Other idols get the riskto hold out virtual relationships with fellow idols during the hit MBC display We Were given Married. Recently, popular couples at theprove acceptincorporated Red Velvets Joy and BTOBs Sungjae in addition Eric Nam and MAMAMOOs Solar.

However, even with netizens and Korean media shopssearching for new idol relationships, there turns out to be a male staffand femininecommunity that evade dating suspicions, regardless of their closeness. One post on the Korean network board web page Instiz through the title, Male idols x feminine idols in combinationday after dayyetnobody suspects them of dating, highlighted the close dating between Cube Entertainments male organization BTOB and A Dice Entertainments female group Apink.

The fashioned Korean post showcases a sequence of footage of contributors of the 2teams cutely interacting with every other at the Idol Big name Athletics Championships and also in everyday life. The two groups have also won the nickname BTOPINK from lovers who improve their adorable friendship.

Overall, netizens who saw the post expressed their happiness at the friendship between BTOB and Apink and left comments including, BTOBPINK awww, kekeke, and they'rein point of fact friendly.

Check out the interactions between brother-sister groups BTOB and Apink from the original Korean post below!

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