Which of your favourite celebrities were spotted at EXO’s contemporary concert

Which of your favourite celebrities were spotted at EXO’s contemporary concert

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the improbablecollection of artists in the Korean tune industry those days, its now notunusualto peer artists supporting one another.

Usually, artists from the similarcorporate are regularlyobserved supporting every other thru social media and in person. Another type ofenhance comes from one artist featuring in any other artists track. This was oncecurrentlyvisibleby way of Block B member Park Kyung and G-Friend member Eunhas collaboration track, Inferiority Complex, in Taeyeons Starlight featuring Dean, and in Eric Nams Cant Assist Myself, which capabilities rapper Loco. Additionally, EXOs Chanyeol showed his support for fellow SM Entertainment artist Super Juniors Yesung by way of featuring in his newest album.

Because there are quite a bit of solo concerts in Korea, especially in Seoul, many artists are steadilyviewed attending other artists concerts, either to support or because they're a fan themselves. In line witha contemporary postal serviceat the Korean network board Pann titled, Celebrities at EXOs concert, a fantastic number of Korean celebrities showed up at EXOs recent concert to lend their support and experience the festivities.

Idols and celebrities that gave the impression at EXOs recent concert integrateddiversityfamous person and ZE:A member Kwanghee, EXOs fellow SM Entertainment artist Red Velvet, actress Seo Hyun Jin, and more.

Check out the translation of the usual Korean post under to see which of your favourite celebrities attended EXOs recent concert!

Celebrities at EXOs concert

Actresses Search engine optimization Hyun Jin and Goo Hye Sun

SMs Lee Soo Guy and Minho

Child actress Park Min Ha

And despite the truth that there aren't any pictures, other celebrities who got here to the concert

Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Geum, Kim Ki Bang, Ryu Jun Yoel, Yeon Jun Seok, Lee Sung Kyung, Yoo Seung Ho, and more.

If any individual else came to the concert, tell me!

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