Births and Marriages Dwindle to Checklist Low

The collection of marriages and births sank to checklist lows in the primary five months of this year, Statistics Korea stated Tuesday. The variety of childbirths stood at 34,400 in May, down 5.8 %in comparison tothe similar month closing year and the lowest for Would possibly since per 30 days statistics began in 2000. Childbirth has been declining since December last year. The cumulative number of childbirths in the 1st five months of this year stood at 182,300, the lowest since 2000 and down throughpracticallya 3rdduring the last 16 years. Marriages also dwindled to a record low of 25,500 in May, down 8.6 percent on-year. And the cumulative number from January tillCould this year sank to a record-low 119,700. At this rate, 2016 will have to mark a record low when it comes toeither childbirths and marriages.The number of deaths higher 1.3 percent in May additionally to 23,200, whilst the number of divorces rose 10.8 percent to 9,200. Lee Ji-yeon at Statistics Korea said, "The population of Koreans between 25 and 34, which is the top age for marriage and childbirth, is declining, so the number of marriages is losing apace".