MONSTA X Stocks First Idea  Footage For “Stuck” MV

MONSTA X Stocks First Idea Footage For “Stuck” MV

MONSTA X Stocks kickoffIdeaPictures For Stuck MVilmare42 July 31, 2016 0 MONSTA X Shares First Concept Photos For Stuck MV MONSTA X is giving us a glimpse at their special provide for loversby potential of sharing concept photos!

In July, the crowd revealed that theyll be freeing a song video for their track Stuck, which is a song on their fresh3rd mini album The Extended family 2.5 Pt.1 Lost. The music video has been described as a uniquecurrent for Monbebe.

On July 31, MONSTA X uploaded concept photos for 2in their members, Hyungwon and Shownu. We can be expecting more teaser photos soon!

The unencumber date for the music video for Stuck has yet to be announced.

MONSTA X is a seven-member staff that made their debut in 2015 with the mini album Trespass.

Are you having a lookahead to this special show from MONSTA X?

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