Over 3,000 Centenarians as Korea Ages Fast

The choice of centenarians in Korea has surpassed 3,000 for the primary time ever whilst more than 150,000 folks are in their 90s as the rustic ages rapidly.

According to the 2015 census announced by potential of Statistics Korea on Monday, there were 3,159 centenarians in Korea as of November, up 72.2 % from 2010. In 2005, there were just 961. The huge majority or 86.5 percent were women, and 90.9 percent have been widowed.

Gyeonggi Province surrounding Seoul had the maximum centenarians with 692, followed by Seoul (521), North Gyeongsang Province (224), South Jeolla Province (209) and South Chungcheong Province (182).

But their happiness has declined. In one-to-one interviews, simplest 5.7 percent stated they are more than happy and 28.7 percent moderately happy. The ones figures marked an important decline in comparison to five years ago.

The primaryreason whyseems to be that a developingvariety of centenarians resideexcluding their families, from 57.1 percent who were surrounded by their enjoyed ones in 2010 to 44.6 percent ultimate year.

Some 43.1 percent lived in care facilities, 48.2 percent of were cared for by nurses and other caretakers, and just 45.6 percent were below the care of circle of relatives members.

Centenarians attributed their longevity to just rightdining habits, followed by strict day by day routines, and constructive personality, and genetic factors. Seven out of 10 said they never smoked or drank.

The number of Koreans in their 90s also higher markedly to 157,000 around the nation, up a whopping 67.7 percent as compared to 2010.

More than one in 10 deaths in the country are now individuals in their 90s. While in 1985 the most importantpercentage of deaths used to be still of us in their 70s, now the greatest issuecontinue to existno less than into their 80s, most commonly women.