Netizens divulge  the reality  in the back of IU and her plastic surgery

Netizens divulge the reality in the back of IU and her plastic surgery

17kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter On Pann, the maximum used online forum among Koreans, a netizen made a post at thesubject of IU and the realitythat folk are accusing her of undergoing plastic surgery.People claim that IU has had surgical operation and this image is regularly used as proof. I dont know why they did her makeup like that early on

Even all through her debut days she didnt glance that otherwith the exception of she used to be chubbier. Its just that degree that made her appearance weird.

Even but even so plastic surgical procedure claims, people criticize her for allegedly getting skin whitening surgery. But in factthat after IU debuted, her ideabecome gloomy, dark balads, plust they sought after her to appear more mature so the corporatedeterminedto take benefit of dark makeup.

Even doctors admitted that skin whitening injections bestdisplaytransienteffects  and do now not lighten ones skin tone permanently. 

These are images of her fromher debut days without make up. You'll be in a position to meet that she at all times had white skin.

These are her pre-debut photographs and you will see her skin is as fair and mild equallyit's miles now.

Some people claim that IU has had her eyes done yetexamine this compilation of pictures of her no make up pictures and you'll visit that her eyes have continuously been the same.

This is an imagethat folk claim is evidence that IU has had plastic surgery. The primaryphotograph has the clinics call and the doctors face blurred and led people to agree with that it can be proof that she has had plastic surgery. However, while you await at the usual picture beneathwhereis known asIdentity Esthetics and is a dermatology clinic.

1. After the controversy, her firm explained that she was at the medical institutionto onlyhandle her skin.

2. They explained getting jaw surgical procedure like people claimed would be most unlikely for IU who had no long runspoil in between her activities.

3. They explained that she left a photo and signature in the back of because she had not anything to hide. 

This is the abstract of enthusiasts who protect IU opposed to plastic surgery claims. 

1. IU since after her debut has not had any long duration of inactivity. 

Since her debut in 2008 September, she would perhaps not possess had schedules but she had not had any long run breaks. She was either in dramas or formpresentationseven if she wasnt selling her album. 

You can take a glance at this link for more infoin this subject.

2. Pictures which are alleged proof plastic surgery are all made to search worse than they are. 

1. Those pictures are used alot to assert that IU  has had double eyelid surgery. But you can see the authentic Loen edition of this video called IU Gee (Guitar ver.) and these pictures are screenshots from the similar video. As you can it turns out that see, the photographs brand her look worse than she in truth was.

116, 23 Are you able tobelieve how frustrated the fans will have to exist that they all were givenin combination to argue each and every claim.

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