Netizens notice  the fame that began Korea’s miniskirt craze

Netizens notice the fame that began Korea’s miniskirt craze

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThe Korean entertainment industry is filled with trends those days, with the preferredadding styles of garments and make-up.

In the song industry, the fad surrounding womancrew outfits is that shorts and skirts are changing into shorter and shorter. This vogue has brought about many consequences, including cloth cabinet malfunctions and unwanted photography. There are rather a lot of times when idols have looked uncomfortable in a skirt that used to be as well short, similar to Red Velvets Irene. Other times, stylists made their teams outfits too short, such as TWICEs uniform skirts.

With this trend of short skirts no longer going any place anytime soon, netizens have looked into the fame that began this trend. In a post titled, Fresh recall of the Korean miniskirt craze, at the Korean network board Instiz, netizens posted a sequence of pictures of the lady who allegedly started the trend. The lady in the photo is none rather than actress and musical actress Yoon Bok Hee.

Netizens commented that she looks excellentalthough she has gotten older and wanted that they may do the same. Netizens also commented on how neatly she took care of her frameall the style through the years.

Check out the series of photos from the common Korean post below!

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