BTOB Tries To Practice Lipstick Whilst Riding Curler Coaster With Hilariously Other Results

BTOB Tries To Practice Lipstick Whilst Riding Curler Coaster With Hilariously Other Results

BTOB Tries To Follow Lipstick Whilst Riding Curler Coaster With Hilariously OtherEffects ilmare42 July 30, 2016 0 BTOB Tries To Apply Lipstick While Riding Roller Coaster With Hilariously The various Results On July 30s episode of KBS’s Battle Trip, BTOB participants Sungjae, Eunkwang, and Hyunsik take on a a laughsubject while on a shuttle in Taiwan!

The guys head to a theme park to ride a noted roller coaster, which Eunkwang is admittedlyfrightened of because he has a terror of heights.

In comparison, Sungjae and Hyunsik are completely excited to take the ride. During their first go, Eunkwang screams his head off, while Sungjae and Hyunsik have a super time!

When the ride stops, Sungjae yells out that he needsto head again, and Hyunsik agrees. Sungjae then suggests, “Let’s take a glance atplacing on lipstick during the ride!” Fanatics of “We Were given Married” maytake under consideration that Sungjae played this game sooner than with his virtual wife Joy at the show.

After just a bit of hesitation, Eunkwang acts cool and agrees, and they come back onto the ride. A couple of seconds after it shoots off again, Sungjae and Hyunsik pull out bright red lipstick and apply it expertly – with Sungjae’s in specifictaking a lookfully flawless.

Meanwhile, Eunkwang in the back of them is too busy screaming as some way to put the lipstick on. “How am I intendedto place this on?” he yells. He even gets the lipstick in eachunmarried place his blouse as the ride zooms along. Sooner or later he offers up and tries to apply it, yetfinally ends up getting lipstick all over the groundpart of his face, in addition the camera.

As the ride comes to a halt, Sungjae asks, “Is it pretty?”

The pair of path cracks up when they see Eunkwang, amazed by capacity of how he’s covered himself in the red lipstick.

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