Watch: King Of Kings Made up our minds On “Duet Song Festival”

Watch: King Of Kings Made up our minds On “Duet Song Festival”

Watch: King Of Kings Decided On Duet Song Festivalkokoberry July 30, 2016 0 Watch: King Of Kings Desperate On Duet Song Festival The July 29 episode of MBCs Duet Song Festival featured the 2nd one and ultimatecircularin their king of kings special.

Kicking off the contestwas oncea uniquefunctionality of The ladythrough MCs Baek Ji Young and Sung Si Kyung.

SpoilerThe primary team up became So Chan Whee and Kim Min Jae making a song SG Wannabes As I Live. Their blendedissuesaddingthe former rounds effects amounted to 822 points.

B1A4s Sandeul and Jo Sun Young were next with Lee Seung Chuls Jasmine Flower which led to a general of 854 points.

Then VIXXs Ken and Choi Sang Yeob sang Im Se Juns Dont MoveLately and got hereon the topic of beating Sandeul and Jo Sun Young with 850 points.

Solji and Doo Jin Soo carried out their rendition of Noels I Omit You and were given 843 points.

Following them were Hyun Jin Young and Jo Han Kyul who won the 1st round. They did an arrangement of Great Juniors U and got 849 points.

Next, Na Yoon Kwon and Kim Min Sang sang Sung Si Kyungs Smiling Angel and purchased 842 points.

The last duet was Lee Young Hyun and Park Jun Hyungs performance of Yoon Sangs Relay and came very close with 851 points.

In the end, Sandeul and Jo Sun Young were crowned the king of kings on Duet Song Festival.

Watch their amazing performances below!

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