Japanese idol surprised  by ability of Korean lovers calling him “Oppa”

Japanese idol surprised by ability of Korean lovers calling him “Oppa”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Eastern idol Koichi Domoto was once left in utter surprisethroughout a assembly amongst his Korean fans.

A GIF of Koichi Domoto of Kinki Kids currently went viral because of the singers surprised and dismayed expression whilst meeting with his Korean fans. In the clip, he can also beobserved in his level outfit with his microphone and earpiece. While taking note of the lovers in attendance, he have becomebowled over as his Korean fans called him Oppa.

The GIF, which becameat the start posted at the Korean network board web site Instiz, brought laughter to fans who saw the post, with many netizens commenting that his reaction was cute.

Apparently, the Korean notice oppa which means older brother (from a lady to a guy), is the same in pronunciation to the japanese word おっぱい meaning breast.

Koichi Domoto is a Japanese artist who became active in the early 2000s. He is a phase of the duo Kinki Children with fellow member Tsuyoshi Domoto. Together, the duo has released over nineteen albums in Japan, with the maximum recent one being Bara to Taiyou, which was released on July 20th.

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