Week in Review, 7/23 to 7/29

Week in Review, 7/23 to 7/29

20160730_seoulbeats_ohmygirl_binnie_seunghee_wmentWeek in Review, 7/23 to 7/29Written via Gaya On July 29, 201620160730_seoulbeats_comfortwomenprotest_kyodoAs we wrap up July, here is what you wantto understand going into August:

Remember how the japaneseexecutive agreed to install a fund for WWII sexual slavery survivors, often referred to asconvenience women? This week saw the release of that fund yet it used to be met with strong protest from survivors and their supporters, who say they were no longer consulted sooner than the agreement became made. A condition of the agreement, calling for the removal of the relaxationladies statues outdoor the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, may besome extent of contention.

Rapper #Gun dropped the MV for Beep, replete with human props. Wager who they are. Crucial Star functionsin this Giriboy-produced track.Meanwhile, Microdot used town landscapes to embellish Auckland Urban and Hella Trill.Embattled rookie womanteam D.holic released the MV for Colour Me Rad. The crowd is it sounds as ifgetting prepared to disbandment, so perhapstake a glance at this EDM providingwhenever you arent bothered by flashing visuals.Electroboyz have teamed up with Brave Brothers and Seo In-young for Sunglasses.20160730_seoulbeats_mnet_hitthestage_nct_tenI am loving the MV for Unicorns Blink Blink, but watch out there are a lot of flashing lights.The artists of Brand New Music have come in combination to let us know to Appreciate The Name.Topp Dogg member Jenissi released his a solo virtual EP, True Be Honest.Mnets new idol dance show Hit The Stage debuted this week, featuring performances from Sistars Bora, Twices Momo, Block Bs U-kwon and NCTs Ten. Its wonderfulto peer this resurgence in idol dance shows!This weeks Station free up is a Coca Cola CF with NCT 127. Teasers Announcements

And next weeks Station release will celebrate SNSDs anniversary.YG has announced that new girl community Black Pink will be debuting next Monday, August 8.And if that falls through, theres at all times that B.A.P comeback, that willobserve the teams finale concert for their 2016 international tour.Oh and Ikon is liberating a song or something. I dont know, ask YG.Before that, though, is sub-unit Nine Muses A at the 4th!The now-13 WSJN will be creating a secret comeback in August.Do you listen that? Thats the sound of Nabeela celebrating the announcement of 2PM member Jun.Ks Korean solo.Oh My Girl has dropped the MV teaser for summer unmarried A-ing. Aside from an empty swimming pool, Skull and Haha can also be featuring Between that, the dreamcatchers, and OMGs curry-dol media play right through Windy Day promotions, Im going to be very wary close to this.Baek A Yeon will be dueting with Someone, from JYPE.INX is determined to debut with Alright.20160730_seoulbeats_hyuna_awesome_cube2Up10tion dropped the primary teaser for Tonight.Jannabi also dropped a teaser for Summer.It more or less feels that Hyuna comeback is back on but Awesome will be a mini and now not a full-length album.Meanwhile, her former Trouble Maker spouse Hyunseung will be performing on Hit The Stage. I assumedit's going to existsome time before we saw him again, so Im happy.Talking of Cube, co-founder Hong Seung-sung announced his departure from the company. This news comes after hypothesis of a vitalityfight between Hong and present CEO Park Chung-min that can have led to 4Minutes disbandment.Hong had stepped down as CEO because of his ALS diagnosis, but was still taken with the companys activities.A fan-made mythorganization of Produce 101 contestants who didnt make the overall cut is now changing into reality. Loen Entertainment announced that DSPs Yoon Chae-kyung, Music Works Kim So-hee, Lee Hae-in, Star Empires Han Hyeri, and Lee Soo-hyun are recording a task release beneath the name I.B.I.Minzy has opened a Facebook page taking a lookahead to seeing what she has planned!JYJ will be conserving their annual club week this year. Yoochun is still sporting out his army service, but C-JeS has announced that he is almost definitely nota phase of the festivities because of thethe hot police investigation.Lee Soo-man has announced that SM artists and workforce volition be attending an organizationconvention in Hawaii this August. Thats nice, but seeing NCT has me just a little worried about whatever else they are going to cook up.Exo will be shedding their repackage edition of Exact on August 19.And Shinees coming circular again in Aug WAIT WHAT?! 20160730_soulbeats_shineeworldv_smeOther News

SHINEES COMING BACKBig Bang held their 10th anniversary concert in Seoul.SHINEE Also isBeginning A NEW TOUR Along THEIR COMEBACK OH MY GODA LA Weekly interview with Somi in the lead up to Kcon L. a. has been leaving readers more disillusioned than elated, for a good deal of reasons. Some consider that she is taking attention clear of other I.O.I members, whilst others arent inspired alongside Somis European-White heritage (her father is Dutch-Canadian) being used with the purpose to brandthe subject of K-pop more relatable to Americans well, the ones that matter.SHINEE MADE YES24 CRASH AND Fashion ON TWITTER BECAUSE Each person WAS WantingTo shop for CONCERT TICKETST.O.P has taken his hobby for art to Sothebys and should be curating for them.SHINEES BACK BACK BACK BACKA stick to up to ultimate weeks explosive comments from a Produce 101 PD stated PD has apologised his comments, pronouncing that he was misunderstood when he said the display was conceptualised as healthy porn.SHINEE. IS. COMING. BACK. (BizEnter, Facebook123, Ilgan Sports, Insight, Instagram, Korea Herald, LA Weekly, Cash Today, Native Appropriations, Osen, Sports Donga, Sports Seoul, Sports World, Star News, Television Report, Twitter1234, YG Entertainment, YouTube12345678. Pictures via: WM Ent., Kyodo, Mnet, Dice Ent., SM Ent.)